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obama. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> great to have you both back from los angeles. >>> we're going to have details on the crash coming in and on the monster blizzard, that sam was talking about. we're going to get that from him just ahead. it's been hitting throughout the northwest. some major developments overnight. >>> we're going to start with josh and the balloon air crash in egypt. quite a few people dead. >> right along the nile. this breaking overnight. 18 foreign tourists killed when a hot air balloon exploded and plummeted to the ground during an egypt tourist mecca of luxor, along the banks of the nile. witnesses are describing the terrifying moments as people tried to jump for their lives. egyptian officials said at least 20 tourists were flying over luxor, when the balloon caught fire and plunge to the ground. christopher michelle is an american photographer. he was in another hot air balloon, close to the one that crashed. >> this is a popular tourist thing to do in luxor, which is to float over the ancient tramp temples. they do it every day. as we were comin
arguments next month. last week, president obama told abc7 use congress exclusively that supporting gay marriage is the right thing to do. >> i can tell you obviously my personal view which is that same-sex couples should be treated like everyone else. >> 75 influential republicans have add their names to the list including former utah governor hunts man and former new jersey governor whitman, and two former governors of massachusetts, weld and swift. opinions on this issue are changing rapidly but there is still a great divide in the republican party about gay rights. a recent poll shows the majority of americans support gay marriage up from a third from 2003. >> thank you. five elderly people were rescued from an assisted living home after a stove top fire broke out at 8:00 last night near treat boulevard and firefighters say any knocked it down before the flames crawled up the vent and into the the at tic. the residents will be moved to other care homes. new details in the search for a vandal targeting shops at walnut creek broadway plaza. police released this surveillance video show
. >> president obama has named him as the cochair of a major council we will give you details ahead. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake proclaiming today world spay day. what it means for you pet owners out there. >>> a look at other top stories in the area. governor o'malley can add one more accomplishments to his resume. president obama named o'malley cochair of the council of governor along with the governor of iowa. it is five democrats and five republicans and brings together a state and federal officials to address issues relating to the national guard and homeland security. >>> five things to know on this tuesday. be more -- b more dog is hold a -- the celebration starts at 5 at the. [audio not understandable] >> send 20 dal -- spend 20 dollar at a restaurant and help the local community drive. there's a dish mob beginning at 11:30. the initiative is to give local businesses in the community a try. it's held in city ace -- cities across the u.s. >> we will find out how the department of homeland security is doing. we will have the third annual state of homeland security address and she
cuts that may become reality on friday. >> president obama is urging lawmakers to compromise. thee standing by with how sequester could affect education. >> the president took his budget back to virginia but lawmakers said he should have been here negotiating president obama toward a shipyard, a stern message against spending cuts. >> of these cuts are wrong. they are not smart or fair. they are a self-inflicted wound that does not have that happen. >> the president is running around the country, crying wolf, saying that the sky is falling and we are not buying it. >> top officials sounded the alarm. >> it would be a drag on near- term economic recovery. >> our soldiers and young men and women are the ones that will pay the price. >> lock us in a room, cut a deal. >> the spending cuts are going to happen. others argue they must be stopped. >> the primary sticking point is whether taxes should be raised to balance the deep cuts. >> armageddon or a tax hike. that is a false choice. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate does something. >> i think he should under
talking about michelle obama's purr price cameo. wait until you can see how they're looking at it in another count try and michael finney taking your questions facebook will answer them here live just a little later. >> monday afternoon, checking out this live commute situation. skye r.skyway, bumper to bumper. east bay is a little better for folks heading southbound. stay with us. stay with us. more well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >>> star trek fans over the moon as the name of a fictional planet is now leading in a naming contest for one of pollute ease moon. vulvan is the2o clear front runner for one of two pluto moons. actor william shatner:a$b suggested the name. it is th
" poll finds america split over whether president obama is you don't know pieing our nation. in the midst of this manufactured crisis. but 64% of that poll, two out of three say, republicans are taking a partisan approach and that discrepency that would explain the obama battle plan on display today in virginia. to dramatize the effect of the inevitable across the board cut and blame them on repgs p republicans. president obama went to a shipyard at newport news. workers here could be furloughed. >> these cuts are wrong. they are not smart. they are not fair. >> reporter: workers fear sequestration. >> we can't work and make money, you can't go out there and shop. >> i'm worried about it. we build good ships here. i love my job. >> reporter: across the nation, this was montana. sequestration has millions concerned. >> we might be faced with closing school early or something like that. >> reporter: there is an anti-obama backlash. this was virginia last night. >> when is the republican party-going to stand up to this man and stop them. >> reporter: gop leaders aren't charging the president
and contributor to the obama 2012 campaign even helping create project norwall, the most successful voter outreach system in history. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. fox news. >>> ate massive winter storm causing some problems for many parts of the country this morning. the national guard has been mobilized to help rescue stranded drivers in the hardest hit area of the texas panhandle where some saw a foot of snow. more heavy snow was expected in kansas overnight. >> tough times in the midwest. >> live look outside right now at 5:00 this morning over washington, d.c. thirchgs are calm right now. but they will change a little bit later on today. it is tuesday, february 26th. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. -- things are calm right now. >> let's get the latest on our weather today. >> expecting a lot of rain today. we have a floodwatch. we have to be ready for potentially here some urban flooding. your morning commute will be fine the later today, we haven't picked up a whole lot of rain or anything here the last couple of months.
taking your family to dinner at a furniture store. >> on "cbs this morning." >> mrs. obama give it to the most american movie, "zero dark thirty," wouldn't want to honor the movie that showed the killing of osama bin laden. her husband wants all the credit for that. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." for the second time in a week a giant winter storm is hammering the country. it's marching across missouri on its way to the east coast. it's already shutting down highways airports and schools in texas, oklahoma, and kansas. >> now the storm is blamed for at least two deaths. emily rittman from our kansas city affiliate kctc, is in overland park, kansas. good morning. >> reporter: many people are already digging out of last week's snowstorm where a foot and a half of snow fell. and they are expecting much more today. they could see another foot here in kansas. the latest winter storm is unleashing blizzard conditions from texas to oklahoma and kansas. a system so powerful you can literally hear its fury. this was amarillo texas, monday whe
.monday fttrnoon, members of congrees were pinally back on capitol hill afterr recess.and prrsiidnt obama welcomed thh nation's governors to the white house. put is anybody loooing for a compromise that will voii the chaos scheduued to hit this friday?jim costa ffnds out. put..- 3 "welcome everybody."speaking 3& gooernors. pressdent obbma said if ccngress wannt toostoo -3 those forccd spendinggcuts that start goiig into effect at the end of the week... pbbut it."thess cuts o noo haae to happen. ongress an turn them ff any time with &just aalittle bit of &pthe spprit of compromise... the white house is waaning what's about to be cut... on a sttte bb state levvll 12 hundred teacher and aide jobs receiving vaccines in & florida... and 52 thousand & ddfense orkers furlooghed in press to leave a closed doorr & eeting with the governors..so he could have a frrnk question and answer session."what i wwat toodo is clear oot the press so we can take some qqussions.""nd ccndid... is phat the president iss getting.. from louiiiana's govvrnoorbobby jindal."i ttink tha
morning america, robin roberts will interview first lady michelle obama. this is robin's first interview since she came back from the show last week. this is mrs. obama's first morning show. tomorrow she heads to chicago to make an announcement about bringing physical activity to schools as part of the let's move campaign. >>> miss jackson is mrs. jackson a rep for janet jackson confirms she married a billionaire businessman. entertainment weekly said they exchanged vows last year in a quiet private ceremony. the statement was in response to rumors that they were planning an extravagant wedding and they said the wedding gifts were donation to favorite charities. mrs. jackson's third marriage so she's been married for more than a year. >>> so many gifts why sent to newtown they asked you to stop. >> but that generosity didn't go unappreciateed. you might wonder what happened to the stuff. it was distribe and we will tell you what's being done with the toys not handed out to the community. >> also schools need an upgrade and people turned out to have their voices heard about what should be
a partisan approach and that is the finding that seems to validate the obama battle plan. >> of the effect of the seemingly inevitable across the board cuts, president obama went to a shipyard, workers here would be furloughed. >> these cuts are not smart or fair. work and make money, we can't go to the shop. >> i love my job. >> across the nation, sequestration has millions concerned. >> we might be facing this early or something like that. >> this was virginia last night. >> when will the republican party stand up to this man and stop him? >> fanning the flames of catastrophe. claiming the only way out is more government and higher taxes. >> targeting the education cuts to have the least effect. the house speaker said he sent a plan to senate democrats twice. but the president today rejected targeting cuts. >> there is no smart way to do that. you don't want to have to choose between closing funding for the disabled kid or the poor kid? >> and with three days left, though talks are reported to try to avoid the cuts. >> maryland educators among those bracing for deep budget cuts if the se
weekly checks reduced by $30. president obama is calling on lawmakers to work together and strike a deal in time. >>> a judge declared a mistrial in the mother-daughter case in prince george's county. jason scott will have to be retried this fall for the deaths of dolores and ebony dewitt. their charred bodies were found in the trunk of a stolen car in 2009. the judge ruled a mistrial because of a technicality. >>> a call for action. hundreds of concerned parents and residents in prince george's county are coming together to end the violent they say is killing innocent children. a meeting was hosted by radio one last night calling it a state of emergency. it comes after six prince george's county school students have been murdered since the beginning of the school year. community leaders say they are ready to work with parents to create a safer environment. >>> we were talking about the sequestration countdown just a minute ago. we are closing in on another big event. pope benedict resigns on thursday. there has been a change to speed up the process of choosing his successor. we have mor
here in washington. >> reporter: speaking in front of the nation's governors, president obama called on every elected official to act. >> all of us are concerned about our politics, both in our own parties as well as the other par party's, but at some point we have to do some governing. >> reporter: a couple of key republican leaders are coming to the white house about meetings but it's not on sequester. it's on immigration. lindsey graham and john mccain coming here to talk about immigration. no talks to prevent the sequester kicking in on friday. >> with just a few days to go. chuck todd, thank you very much. >>> let's get a check of the other top stories of the day. natalie morales is here with that. >> good morning, matt and savannah. good morning, everyone. defense secretary nominee chuck hagel after republicans stalled his nomination, the former gop senator is now back on track to win confirmation and succeed leon panetta. >>> violence in civil war this morning as a massive explosion rocks syria, hours after president bashar al assad's regime said it was prepared to hold talks
the board spending cuts kick in, president obama is heading to virginia to detail the affects of sequestration. >> the president will speak today and with military operations, the commonwealth could be one of the hardest hit areas. melanie alnwick is live with a closer look at the potential impact. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. there are still questions about exactly how all of this is going to play out. and the truth is that the friday deadline may come and go without most americans even noticing. >> today the president turns to the navy traveling to a part of virginia that depends heavily on the flow of pentagon cash. >> that region as everyone knows will be hard hit if the sequestration is allowed to take affect. >> and there is almost certainly some truth to that. defense contractors are bracing for cuts. but other claims about what is a relatively small cut may be more dubious. secretary of homeland security says the country would be less secure. >> i'm not here to scare people. i'm here to inform. and also to let people begin to plan. because they ar
in the house gop is drafting a plan to give president obama disk -- discretion on these cuts. guest: right, we have heard the same from senate republicans. the argument from republicans, with this discretion matter, which has been floating around over the last week or two, is to say that the administration has been saying that the way the law was worded to set up a sequestration, they have a very limited flexibility in how they can implement it. they have to take furloughs in lots of places that would seem to be mission critical. secretary lahood is talking about shutting down air traffic control towers at smaller airports there will be long waits at psa -- at tsa with fewer screeners. what republicans in both chambers are trying to do is perhaps come up with some way to be able to give the administration more flexibility, which is also perhaps politically useful, because there is this whole notion of firing first, where they put cuts in affect and tout cuts in places where people will feel them. there was some reporting last night about people in immigration detention centers perhaps being le
this could directly impact you. >> reporter: president obama will be meeting with key republicans on capitol hill today. the meeting is supposed to be about immigration reform and the plan that is taking shape up here on capitol hill. but there is a possible that it will provide an opening for at least some conversation to ghana these cuts and perhaps what could be done to avoid them. but as you said, the white house is continuing to escalate its campaign and warning of dire consequences if sequestration isn't stopped. in d.c., we are talking about 13,000 furloughs of civilian dod employees. $533 how in cuts to i think indication. about 1,000 students losing access to head start and college aid. a million dollars cut from environmental benefits. in virng 09,000 furloughs, $14 million in cuts to education, 1,000 kids losing access to head start and more than $3 million cut from environmental benefits. in maryland, 46,000 furloughs, $14.4 million in cuts to education. 800 kids losing access to head start and again, $3 million cut from environmental budgets. local lawmaker says this is not the
. today, president obama visited virginia shipbuilders' worried about jobs. the gop does not work -- is nothing going state to state will solve this matter. >> stop campaigning and come back to the table to work with us. >> officials even fear the cuts could make the u.s. more vulnerable to terror attacks. >> there are people who work for the federal government support for agencies that have no choice but to either lay people off or use the furlough process. that is going to happen. >> senator carte blanche says he does not believe a deal will happen by the deadline but he is confident lawmakers will receive -- will reach a compromise before the citizens of maryland ever feel the effect of sequestration. and if a compromise cannot be released -- cannot bereached. -- cannot be reached, he met with the security officials. the next time you go to an orioles are ravens game you may not see smoking areas. the policy of a complete ban on smoking goes into effect next week. officials of both teams say they will announce policies to accommodate smokers who wish to do so. the vatican is ge
: president obama traveled to a shipyard in virginia. in the newport news region 59,000 plus civilian department employees would be fur load. statewide, 90,000. >> that means there will be a ripple effect on thousands of other jobs. >> reporter: any federal workers who already furloughed must be notified at least a month in advance. there's always a chance negotiations could be kick started in the coming weeks. in anticipation of the budget cuts, the department plans to release sex nonviolent immigrants. >>> today the ship set sail from baltimore and it won't return. >> it has called our city home for years. it will i rife at the new home port norfolk, virginia. the ship is a floating hospital, 12 operating rooms even a blood bank. the move is all about location. >> norfolk brings the ships closer to the mission, closer to the ocean. it shortens that readiness time to get the shipped turned around. >> the comfort will depart from norfolk and visit eight countries there to provide medical treatment and aid for people in need. >> all right. pick your poison, roulette, blackjack, texas h
away. president obama, house speaker john boehner both delivered strong messages to each other. >> congress is poised to allow a series of arbitrary automatic budget cuts to kick in that will slow our economy, eliminate good jobs and leave a lot of folks who are already pretty thinly stretched scrambling to figure out what to do. these cuts do not have to happen. >> it's time to cut spending here in washington. the president was serious, he'd sit down with harry reid and begin to address our problems. >> fox 5's will thomas here now to talk about how widespread these cuts will be. >> we are talking about drastic cuts that will affect every state including d.c. hundreds of local federal workers and civilian workers with the department of defense would lose paychecks. look at some of these staggering numbers. tens of thousands of people furloughed. today president obama worked to recruit the nation's governors to do something. president obama is urging the nation's governors to help pressure congress to avoid the catastrophic spending cuts scheduled to begin friday. >> companies
obama will hit the road today taking his warnings about severe budget cuts to virginia. >> some republicans say the president should be on capitol hill to work on the deadline. >> hallie jackson has more. >> the curtain is rising on another day of political theater in washington. president obama will be going to newport news to warrant what could happen if $85 billion in automatic spending cuts kick in in just three days. it doesn't look like either side is working on a deal. just crafting bills that and not likely to pass both chambers. we may see some republicans that would shift the responsibility for the cuts to the white house. that does not have a good chance of passing the senate. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> maryland could lose more than 12,000 jobs because of across-the-board cuts. ben cardin talk through with employees at the social security headquarters in woodlawn. >> they have no choice but to lay people off or use the furlough process. that is going to happen. >> he does not think a deal will happen before friday. >> 5:27. >> a harford county school employee is
system. obama met with democrats. >>> voters in i noise head to the polls to choose a replacement for jesse jackson junior. he pled guilty last week to illegally spending campaign funds. resigned in -- he resigned in november. >>> if you are in the market for a new car consumer reports are relesion the top picks for the cars and trucks today. they look at style and safety to fuel efficiency. >>> well the state police are hoping that the weather will hold up today. and that's because they are scheduled to get two new helicopters. the augusta westland aw139 will arrive in middle river. these are two of the first 10 replacing the current fleet. some choppers are older than 20 years old. they will be used for search andrescue, law enforcement, homeland security and medivac. >>> look at this. hail the size of golf balls fell on parts of new orleans. the storm left hundreds of cars with holes. homes and businesses were hit pretty hard. the storm lasted about 20 minutes and was followed by severe rain. >>> time for a check on our weather. because it's not going to be very pretty. here's
: they met with president obama at the white house today. there was criticism of congress and the president. >> they need to get out of that box that sits under the dome and understand that this has real implications in people's lives. >> the president needs to stop trying to scare the american people. i think all of us are calling on congress to come together to solve this problem and do it in a way where we can compromise to save jobs and keep our economy moving forward. >> reporter: the pat offered no assurances that the cuts will be avoided. now back to you. >> and the president is urging governors to lobby members of congress. >>> thousands of baltimore families descend on annapolis tonight rallying for improvements to city schools. they're pushing for a multi- billion dollar construction plan to fix crumbling classrooms. >> reporter: supporters say city schools need funding now. a few thousand students, city leaders,, anden concerned citizens rallied. they are advocates for baltimore schools and are demanding more money to fund t
. >> president obama is visiting a shipyard in new port news virginia today. he is warning that civilians who work on navy ships could face layoffs if $85 billion in budget cuts kick in. military leaders talked about how challenging the cuts will be at a congressional hearing this morning. >> if we do not have the resources to train and equip the force, our soldiers are the ones who will pay the price potentially with their lives. >> with the clock ticking it's small businesses like this communications contractor that are already bracing for the impact of the cuts, especially hits to the defense department. >> for us it could go into the millions of dollars. >> pedro alfonso employs 120 workers. his business relies on contracts with government agencies that will see their budgets slashed. >> we'll have to put plans in place, who do we cut, how do we cut back. >> the main sticking point between the white house and congressional republicans is taxes. republicans agreed to raise taxes in the fiscal cliff deal last month, and they say that's enough. they're al
met with president obama at the white house. >> they need to get out of the box and understand that this has real implications in people's lives. >> the president needs to stop campaigning, stop trying to scare the american people. stop trying to scare states. all of us are calling on congress to come together to solve this problem and do it not in an arbitrary way but in a way where we can compromise and save jobs and keep our economy moving forward. >> right now it looks like a standstill. and according to the governors the president offered no assurances that the cuts will be avoided. i'm pat warren reporting. >>> thank you very much. the president is urging those governors to lobby their members of congress. >>> here big changes are coming to orioles and ravens games. smoking is banned completely. the maryland stadium authority has made it against the rules to smoke anywhere at m and t bank stadium and camden yards the the teams are said to be working on plans that will allow fans to leave the stadium and reenter. >>> on wjz spring traini
, wondering how these cuts will impact their own wallets. >> reporter: president obama visited a navy shipyard, as he travels across the country, warning about the impact of the $85 million in budget cuts set to take effect friday. >> these cuts are wrong. they're not smart. they're not fair. they're a self-inflicted wound that doesn't have to happen. >> reporter: the main sticking point between the white house and congressional republicans is taxes. republicans agreed to raise taxes in the physical cliff deal last month. and they say that's enough. they're also criticizing the president for taking his message on the road. >> he's traveled over 5,000 miles the last two weeks. and we challenge him, mr. president, travel a mile and a half up here to capitol hill. >> well, the last-minute wrangling continues. many worry about the impact those cuts will have here in maryland. >> reporter: according to data from the white house, maryland's military would take a hit. funding for the army bases would be slashed by $95 of million. and 46,000 would face f
would blame president obama if no deal is made. $85 billion in budget cuts just this fiscal year alone, it is less than 3% of the budget. but because entitlement budgets are protected, hitting almost everything else. warned of a slow down on global trade. trouble for air travellers. states are preparing for cuts to education, transportation, health services and environmental funds. there are no serious goeshgsz, local congressman say there are conversations happening. >> and their want is to get things done. find common ground and bring people together and get a solution on the table so we can set aside this sequester. >> later today i'm going to go to the house rules committee and for the fourth time ask for an opportunity to have a vote on a very specific proposal i've introduced that would replace the sequester with a mix of cuts as well as revenue from closing tax breaks. >> reporter: it's the revenue that is holding up the gop. and the democrats say they want to include that revenue. we'll see what happens. other than his request , don't know where that's going to go today. there
. >> president obama today continued to push congress to reverse the automatic spending cuts agreed to in 2010. without action those cuts go into effect friday. ktvu's scott mcfarlane tells us there are some who are in favor of the cuts. >> reporter: hospital workers protesting saying they will lose jobs. but this week in washington it is school principals saying the budget crisis will take a meat ax to local schools leading to teacher furloughs and larger class sizes as early as next year. >> that impact said our kids and -- impacts our kids and student learning. >> reporter: $85 billion in cuts. critics say the white house is exaggerating the impact of a cut in government spending to scare americans and score political points. >> we have to inform the american people what might happen, what will happen if congress refuses to do the right thing here. these are facts. >> reporter: there are supporters of the budget cuts who would like to see the government save teaching jobs, but lop off more spending. >> we are in a fiscal crisis. and too little willingness to address it. you know, this seems
noticias mas destacadas del dia... tras el llamado que hizo el presidente obama para evitar los recortes presupuestarios, nuestra companera silvana quiroz visto la casa blanca para conversar con el vocero de prensa sobre el tema... mario asi es, hoy por la manana se emitio un comunicado en el que se explica el impacto que tendran los recortes automaticos al presupuesto aqui un informe desde ambos puntos de vista... un asunto que se fue dilatando desde que se llego a un acuerdo con el precipicio fiscal hace 3 meses y se puso en espera los recortes presupuestarios automÁticos conocidos en ingles como secuester ptea nosotros que significa esto? luis miranda vocero casa blanca " mas de 200 estudiantes en maryland, 800 en virginia pueden perder la ayuda financiera para continuar sus estudios. alrededor de 400 maestros serian despedidos en el Área de no llegar a un acuerdo maricruz magowen estratega republicana y aunque la economia se esta recuperando poco a poco para la casa blanca no llegar a un concenso seria retroceder . la cuarta victima del voraz incendio en glenarden, no sobrevivi
showers on thursday. it should clear up by the weekend. >> president obama hits the road this morning to the shipbuilding yard in virginia. some republicans say the president's place is on capitol hill. hallie jackson joins us live to explain. >> the curtain is rising on another day of political theater in washington. that is the accusation from some republicans. >> this is a time to look for somebody who will lead. >> there is plenty of talk in washington. but so far not a lot of action about how to avoid $85 billion in spending cuts. >> these cuts do not have to happen. >> compromise seems like a distant rmirage. hoping public pressure will help. the president is going to virginia if the sequester is triggered. >> he has tried to scare the american people. >> the administration says it is not a scare tactics. a deadline that is just three days away. >> it is time for them to act, but we have seen nothing. >> speaker boehner wants to see other kinds of cuts. >> how of the budget cuts impacting our economy now? >> there's a new survey showing these experts think all the washington gri
at the gate. >>> congressional republicans insist on cuts only. and president obama and the democrats favor a combination of cuts and tax increases. >>> baltimore county congressman todd huff is is addressing his recent dui charge for the first time. the councilman released a statement saying he made a poor decision and will accept the consequences. he was arrested saturday. police say he was driving a county owned car at the time of the dui and huff says he volume unterrible is giving up the vehicle. >>> 6 minutes after 6 right now. depending on the weather, state police will get two new helicopters today. augusta westland aw139 will arrive at martin state airport in middle river. the two are the first of 10replacing the current fleet. some choppers are older than 20 years and they will be used for search and rescue and law enforcement and homeland security and, of course, medivac. >>> we are following breaking news this morning at least 18 people are dead after a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed into a field. this happened in luxor egypt after 2 in the morning our time. according t
in washington, which means here in maryland, they are bracing for the worst. >> reporter: president obama visited a navy shipyard as he travels across the country, warning about the impact of $85 million in budget cuts set to take effect friday. >> these cuts are not wrong. they're not smart. not fair. they're a self-inflicted wound that doesn't have to happen. >> reporter: the main sticking point between the white house and congressional republicans is taxes. republicans agreed to raise taxes in the physical cliff deal last month. and they say that's enough. they're also criticizing the president for taking his message on the road. >> he's traveled over 5,000 miles the last two weeks. and we challenge him, mr. president, travel a mile and a half up here to capitol hill. >> reporter: while the last- minute wrangling continues, many worry about what impact those cuts will have here in maryland. >> reporter: maryland's military will take a tough hit. funding for the state's army will be slashed. and 46,000 defense employees will face furloughs. that coul
in congress are accusing him of scare tactics. >> reporter: president obama warned workers at virginia's newport shipyard, they may have to stay home without pay, if congress doesn't step in to stop automatic budget cuts. >> this work, along with hundreds of thousands of jobs, are currently in jeopardy because of politics in washington. >> reporter: the cuts, set to take place march 1st, will take a $46 billion chunk out of the defense budget. shipyards are preparing for the worst. >> if i'm one of those that gets laid off, trying to figure out how i would continue to go and earn my money to pay for college. >> reporter: if congress and the president can't come up with a budget compromise, it's not just big navy ship builders who will be affected. those automatic cuts are expected to trickle down. pedro alfonso employs 2600 workers to install communications fiber. he's already been notified some of his government contracts will be put on hold. >> we thought sequestration wouldn't happen. no way it could happen. they're going to solve this. all of a
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